When I turned 25 this year I remembered a co-worker of mine and her general upset over turning 25 herself. She went to great lengths to make herself look and feel good for the date she knew was coming. Months before the actual birthday she began working out and doing other “self” up keep types of things. Then, when the big day arrived she had herself a great time and I think in general, came to terms with her age.

Whereas, when my birthday was approaching it was kind of like “oh wow, I’m turning 25 in a week, no kidding…”. What does that mean? Do I not care about how I look? No this isn’t true.  I am not overly obsessed with it, considering I work outdoors a lot and get pretty dirty at times (it’s awesome!), but I care. Perhaps I was just too busy to notice the time passing by? I’m not sure if that is right either.  What I’m pondering now is not so much my age but the realization that my co-worker had enough foresight to take stock of herself, and make positive changes using her birthday date as a goal and motivation.

If we could all do that, how much happier would we be? If we just stopped, amidst everything going on around us, and said “okay, where am I at? how do I like myself right now? what can I do to improve?” I think we might avoid having issues later on. In a way, it’s like preventing a mid-life crisis.

So I think that beginning this blog, as an outlet for my inner thoughts (and a boredom deterrent) I am beginning my self actualization. Through writing and goal setting I hope to find balance in my life amidst whatever chaos may come my way.