As I continue with my journey towards goal setting, it occured to me that I might want to enlighten those of you who are kind enough to read this blog, how I envision my life. Not in the sense of what makes life worth living (chocolate) and all of that but in terms of the stages or progression I see myself going through.

To begin I’d offer you this visual, picture a ladder with all of its rungs, wood or metal, its not important. Now picture the rungs of the ladder being of various widths, some very short, or others very wide. On those rungs you will see various pegs that look like they need to be pushed down into a hole (like the whack a mole game in Chuck E’ Cheese). Here in essence is the progression of my life in my mind. My goal is to travel up the ladder, to rest on each of the rungs, to pound in each of the goals (or moles) on that rung, and to then climb upwards to a new level. Thus far my first few rungs have been wide. For example, I spent a long time on the rung for school but once I graduated high school and college I moved up. Now I still have grad school on my new rung, it is a taller mole to be whacked but there are other things on this rung that I am working on or have achieved (like marriage, although I’m sure that one will require more whacking than most). 

What never occured to me until recently, was that this is how I viewed my life. Before, I felt like I was not goal oriented and that I was out to live life in a circular sort of way. But a good friend pointed out that I wasn’t circular at all, and I realized he was right. So here I am. And what was most life challenging to me was the realization that sometimes as I climb my ladder, I may need to return down to a rung I thought I had already passed. This happened when Dustin wasn’t working. We had to use the majority of our savings to survive and so I am back to a former rung. We are recouping slowly and that is ok, the comforting thing is that my rungs are carpeted and it doesn’t hurt so much to fall down. When you have your family and loved ones to comfort you, it all works out.

So, all of this talk of ladders, moles and goals has probably got you wondering “well ok, enough talk, what are your goals?”. That is a good question. I think I will save the answer for my next entry. Meanwhile, I am happy to report that my life is a ladder, and that’s ok with me.