A goal no matter how large it is, is still a goal. And so I have decided that taking steps to goal setting for me should and will start out small.  Here is how I  found my first goal for the summer.

I am fortunate enough to have a mother who can make the most wonderful things out of yarn. She is amazing and if you have ever seen one of her Christmas stockings or baby blankets you would agree. Well this weekend, while thinking about what type of small goal I should work towards. I was sitting with my mom who happened to be crotcheting. She is making a gift for someone, so I won’t elaborate on what she was making, I don’t want to ruin the surprise! Nonetheless, I was intrigued by how she was creating something out of this bundle of yarn. I came up with the description “artisitc knot tying” and my mom agreed that it described crotcheting well.  I asked her if she would teach me, and she said yes. I decided I wanted to do something colorful so I selected a gray, red and burgandy yarn for a striped afghan. Why an afghan? It’s Michigan, and you can never have too many blankets.

So by the end of this summer I hope to have the afghan complete. See below for a picture of my progress! Oh and by the by, it turns out, German Shephards do not like it when their owners take up a new hobby. And so, with my dogs help, I re-did about 1/3 of the work you see below this weekend.