Have you ever been walking and suddenly felt the urge to run? I don’t mean for your life or anything (but if you’ve felt that way -whoa for you) but to just move faster? I felt that way today and I have been feeling that way for some time now. I hear it in my head, “wow the sidewalk is wide open, go for it” but I don’t. Why? Well firstly, I’m usually not wearing the right attire at those moments and secondly, well, I’m not exactly “graceful”.

So where does that leave me and my desire to run? To feel the air rush by and to feel my muscles actually do something…?

Well, it leaves me here at my next summer goal. I did some research and I found a really good approach to beginning to run. So I’m going to give it a shot. I plan to run in the morning before work so if I do fall, hopefully only the bunnies and woodchucks will see me. And also, so I can shower before I grace everyone with my presence at work. 🙂

I feel like running gives people a lot of peace. I see people when they are out and they seem to be almost out of their bodies. (Or they are thinking: “Why the hell do I do this?” I’m not sure yet….). So, I will keep you all in the loop on how this running experiment goes. I have high hopes.

Meanwhile, I’m sure your all wondering about the progress of my other goals and so far its going ok. I have to admit that the crocheting is really hurting my hands so it is slow going but it’ll happen. Meanwhile, I have not entirely decided on what to do for my neighbors. I welcome others ideas, especially considering a lot of folks here are diabetic or disabled and I don’t know if a BBQ would work. I have considered just focusing in on a few select folks that I know well and doing something for them individually. Like I said, ideas would be appreciated!

So the summer rolls on, and I am left to wonder, is anyone else out there setting goals?