So today when I was working in my garden, it occurred to me that I have been looking at the idea of doing something nice for my neighbors all wrong. Instead of buying them something or whatever, I decided to do something for them.

For example, my neighbor Pat planted some marigolds earlier this summer. She had told me at the time that she was new to gardening and that her husband always took care of the yard. Since he had passed she hadn’t really thought about doing any yard types of things, until she saw my garden. She felt inspired. At the time, I didn’t think too much of this other than that it was a nice compliment. What I realized in retrospect was that it may have been an ask for help. So today, when I was working outside, and I knew Pat was at church, I weeded her garden and watered her plants. She isn’t really able to do the very intensive work so I thought this would be nice. And I have decided that I will continue to do this for her, as long as she is ok with it.  I tell you when I thought of this it was like a little light clicked on in my head.

Then I got to thinking about my neighbor Reggie and what I could do for him. Currently, he is not working and has a great deal of free time. He is very active in his garden and I am in awe of him, so I won’t be touching his plants. So what does that leave me to do? Well I thought that it might be nice to get him a book about his most favorite plants as well as a book about digital photography. I know I said I wasn’t really going to buy me neighbors anything but in this case, it isn’t so much about the books themselves but that it would give Reggie something to do and think about. I don’t like to see him getting bored and depressed, it worries me.

As for the rest of our neighbors, we try to do right by them everyday of course but I don’t think I will have the time for specific projects for them. Unless something comes up where I can help them carry something etc. I’m gonna hold off on a large scale neighbor appreciation effort. I also don’t want to get taken advantage of, as we experienced with one of our more special neighbors not long ago.

So, you might be wondering now that I have blurted all of that out about the status of my other goals. So here is the rundown:

The afghan is coming along, it looks like a big scarf right now. I’m still pretty slow at it but I believe it might turn into a blanket eventually!  But the running idea, what a doozy that was. Its not so much the actual running that I’m having trouble with, its the waking up really early…. So I have decided that I may not be a morning exerciser. And there is this really cool “cardio bootcamp” class coming up from 8-9m at our local rec center, so I’m gonna give that a shot instead. I have been walking a great deal and I feel like I have lost more weight because my pants definitely don’t want to stay on my bottom anymore. Since February, I think I have lost about 20lbs. Very slowly I might add but its happening none the less.

That is my summer so far in a nutshell. Make happy neighbors, try to loose weight and make a blanket. I might also add that so far I have read 6 books this summer since June 1st. Every year I strive to read at least 20 books in the summer and last year I made it up to 13. So hopefully, I will hit my mark!

I think my next post may be more serious for you my dedicated readers. I believe I may delve into my religious and philosophical musings. Oh yes, be prepared for that tumble down the rabbit hole. 🙂