This dream took place Thursday evening after Dustin and I had just had a riveting discussion about the “Gnomes” of Brazil. There is a woman in the dream who is not me, but I am sort of omnipresent throughout, watching what is happening like a movie. Remember, this is a dream so it doesn’t all make sense (none of it does really). I’d like to see a dream analyst tell me what the hell this means!


I am to meet this woman at a theatre for a rock concert. The theatre is in a remote area, but it is very run down and has an “underground” grunge kind of feel to it. I see myself walking into the building where it is dark and loud with music. At this point I start to see things through my own eyes, and I see the woman I am supposed to meet at the concert down in the front of the theatre. I meet her there and from that point I assume we enjoy the show.

The next thing I know, I am no longer in the dream and I’ve switched to that “omnipresent” view point. Now I see that same woman, except she is screaming in a strange dim room, naked and completely hairless. She is screaming because someone is forcing her to walk into a dark chamber, filled with raw sewage to retrieve something, which she will have to do over and over again. And I can almost feel her utter despair. As I am watching her, she turns and enters the room and I see she steps down into a pit filled with thick brown ooze. At this point I also notice she herself is covered in some kind of white slime.

So she wades her way through the sewage to get whatever item it is on the other side of the room that these people want her find. And I can tell she cannot see very well because of the darkness. Then as if on cue, I notice the smell in the room and she turns and gets sick as she continues to find her way. At last she reaches the other side of the room and picks up the small object. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees light coming from beneath one of the walls she is near. She thinks about this light but hears the people yelling for her, so she returns to them, only to be sent in again to repeat the process.

This time, when she reaches the wall, her eyes are better adjusted and she can see a three foot gap in the wall or space, that someone could fit through. She looks in the space and sees that the light is eminating from the other side of the wall. She decides to escape her captors by sliding through this space to see whatever might be making the light. It was the best shot she thought she had to getting away.

She climbs-naked, covered in filth and slime, into the gap in the wall and begins to crawl towards the light. What I notice here is that I can feel the pain of the stone rubbing against her and I could feel the spiders and their webs all over her face. She is terrified and trembling.


She falls out of the other side of the wall into another pool of human filth. When she recovers and stands up she backs up to her right into another wall and slides down into a weeping, wailing, huddle. After a time, she regains what little of her sanity is left, and she looks around. In front of her is a large pipe, which is currently flowing with raw sewage, sticking out into the room. To her right is a door way which leads to another chamber, the other chamber appears to have two doorways in it and one of the doorways is eminating light.

Suddenly, she hears yelling to her left and realizes that her captors have discovered her gone. Her heart leaps into her chest and she jerks to the right to head into the next chamber when……

It stands… in the doorway…looking at her. Seven feet of muscle, slime, and scale. Its black and all that is visible is its outline- distinct pointed ear like protrusions and claws.

She cannot move. Does not want to move. She doesn’t blink, breath, or cry. She feels like the prey of some great forgotton predator. To her amazement, it did not lunge for her. Instead, it turns its back on her and dives into the sewage.

In the moment, her adenaline revs up and she follows after the direction of the creature because she has no other way to go, and maybe, just maybe, she scared it. So through the doorway and into the next room she goes only to see the creature standing in the next doorway of that room. It repeated its first move, turning and swimming away from her. Suddenly, she feels a click in her mind and realizes it is leading her out. With all of her being she has no idea why she feels that this is what it is doing but she knows it is.

It leads her through the chambers, with each, the source of light gets brighter and brighter. Finally she comes to a room with a tunnel full of sunlight. The creature emergers from the sewage behind her, as if to see her off. She doesn’t thank it, only looks at it, unsure of what to do. The creature growles a sound of urgency and she does not hesitate to question it. She climbed through the tunnel and emerged, half crazed, covered in filth, and sobbing. The tunnel opened next to a parking lot. She ran.


I woke up to Dustin telling me it was time to get up, and that my alarm had been going off for some time.

Does anyone else dream like me?