What exactly does one do with oneself after they have just shared the news with the world that they are expecting a baby? Aside from having a minor meltdown, questioning your sanity and realizing how truly happy it makes you inside, there isn’t a whole lot to do. So in between the Doctors visits, I thought I would share my pregnancy saga via this blog. I envision those who read this blog as being a mix of invidiuals, some with kids, who can sympathize and maybe offer advice to me (someone who has never really been around babies) and those who do not have kids. These folks I place in two camps, those without kids who would rather not go there yet -or- at all, and those who would like to someday reproduce. For the latter, I hope I can inspire you and give you hope that even the inexperienced person can indeed make it through this.

First of all, I suppose I should explain how all of this happened (not the sex part, I assume you know how that works. If you don’t I suggest you google “sex” I’ll bet you will get some hits! ),  we found out we were pregnant on Christmas Eve. This of course was a hilarious and heatwarming 2 hour event in itself. It began with us being at a store and my saying ” you know, I think I should have started my period like 5 days ago” to my husband  saying “well that’s not good”. Resulting in the purchase of a lesser priced pregnancy test. We came home, I took it. And then I began to frantically re-read the directions, trying to figure out why it was telling me it was positive. I showed my husband. He too began to re-read the directions with me. Once it finally sank in that maybe the test was correct, we (like any normal person) began laughing uncontrollably, borderline hysterically. Then it dawned on us that we needed to do something. Surely we needed to confirm this test. So we went to our good friend google to see just how accurate these things were and then we called another good friend to ask him what he and his girlfriend did when they found out. Upon getting his recommendation and googles recommendation I sent my husband out to buy another, much more expensive test.

This test was computerized and it actually says “pregnant” or “not pregnant” and from what google said, it was the most accurate test the government would back. So we knew it had to be good. I took this test, set it down and walked away.

2 nail biting minutes later, I went back into the bathroom and to my complete surprise this little gizmo said “pregnant”. I took the second one just to be for absolutely certain and……it was the same. Then came the realization that we were gonna have our very own baby and we cried (happiness, not sadness). After sharing some emotinal time we sat there, talking about what we would do next. It dawned on us both at the same time. Christmas! What a wonderful gift to be able to give to our family, especially after my dads side of the family’s recent loss. So we rushed out to the store on Christmas eve to look for something that we could use to tell our parents that they would be grandparents.

We finally found a nice frame at the hallmark store that we decided to give to my mom. We wrote on the little paper on the inside “coming soon” since we have no idea what the date really is yet. And we packaged it up to take with us to their house that evening.

That night we went to my parents house, sat through a delicious but excrutiating dinner before we could open gifts. Once dinner was done I insisted that they open their gifts from us right away. This caught my parents a little of guard because I happen to be a present freak and cannot handle not opening them right away but they were good sports and opened their gifts. The best present of course was the last, and I gave my mom the box with the frame in it. She opened it, stared at it, and then said “No way! Get out! Really??” with a look of complete shock. It was the best moment ever.

Then, on Christmas night we went to Dustins house and told his mom. The funny thing was she was the last person in the room to know because my husband had told his brother earlier that day (he couldn’t contain himself!). This also went over very well.

This was by far the best Christmas we have ever had. And we are so greatful for all of the love people have shown us in these past few days. So many people have shown us tremendous and unexpected excitement that truly surprised us (we didn’t really know that many people were waiting for us to reproduce lol). So thank you to them for being happy for us.

So this is how it all started and I will keep you, dear readers, in the loop of this thing called pregancy as best as I can so that if you are a veteran of it, you can maybe laugh and relate, and if you have never done it you can see what you might be in for. Feel free in either case to drop me a line if you have any advice or questions. You can find me on facebook or email and emilyhughes88@yahoo.com.

Until next time!