The past month has been very very busy for Dustin and I, as well as frustrating at times. Between moving, having the computer in the shop, not being able to get mail, and then being rear-ended, I felt like I needed a teddy bear at times. (Hence the Garfield and Pooky pic. Love that cat!). Anyways, needless to say, I haven’t felt the blogging “vibe”. So I apologize for the long gap. Here is an update on past and current pregnancy symptoms/joys:

  • Nausea All Day – It is like forever being car sick. Which I get really easily anyway. The Doc (best guy ever) gave me meds for this and I am much better now.
  • Heartburn– I got this once and while when I ate something I shouldn’t have but never like this. It is constant and painful. Zantac is a girls best friend.
  • Other stomach maladies– I won’t go into detail here, lets just say pre-natal vitamins gum up the “works”. There is also medicine for this.
  • Exhaustion– I can nap anywhere, anytime. Just let me be for about 5 seconds and I’ll show you what drooling in public looks like.
  • Anxiety- I feel like this is a less talked about symptom than the others. But it is a constant feeling of “oh my god” and chanting “we can do this”.

While the symptoms can be unpleasant, I try to remember that I am not yet the size of a house. I can still tie my own shoes, fit into my own clothes, watch commercials without bawling, and for the most part, function on some normal level. I cling to these things like static on a sweater and I am reluctant to see them go.

But when I picture the result of this ever amazing process I can’t help but be terribly excited as well as anxious. I feel extremely proud to be able to give my husband his first child, this is the purest expression of love that I can think of. And this child will be us together which is so mind bending  I cannot fathom it. I wonder if it is a boy or a girl (according to many it is a girl, how they know that I do not know. Maybe they have psychic friends…), I wonder if they will like peas (I hate peas!), I wonder what color eyes it will have. Sometimes, I am completely consumed by these thoughts.

And this is how I imagine your priorities really begin to shift. You no longer think about me and mine. You are no longer number 1. This creature, this child, who is not even here yet, is the most important person in your world. So much so, that when I had a dream the other night that I had a miscarriage, I woke up so terrified I had to make sure everything was ok. And then I fell asleep again holding my stomach just hoping that everything will go right. I think it is safe to say, that my priorities have definitely changed.

So what are my words of wisdom to those who might go through this one day? I guess they are-Don’t be afraid to call your Doctor. I have called this mans office so many times now I have the number memorized. They know that you have questions. That you are scared and unsure of what to do. It is their job to help you and they don’t mind. I’m sure at times your questions will be quite funny to them and it might lighten their day. Take heart in knowing that you are not the only one calling to ask them if it is ok to eat pre-packaged meat. 🙂

Until next time (hopefully a lot sooner),


P.S. We have our first appointment with an ultra sound on the 1st. Stay tuned!