WARNING: Descriptions of throwing up below!

Well it has been another exciting, interesting and sometimes gross, week. We got our first picture of the baby (see above) which was really awesome. I was amazed at my doctors ease in finding the baby. He just sat the gizmo down and said “oh here it is right here”. Dustin and I both were in shock that we could actually make out features like the hands and feet but were most impressed by seeing the tiny creature move. We could easily see its heart beat flickering and it wriggled with the joy of life. A beautiful moment I will always remember.

However with the ups of moments like this comes the downs. After I was weighed and the doctor said I lost 10lbs he felt bad for me and thought I should try an electrical wristband that cancels out nausea by sending impulses to your brain. It was a really neat futuristic piece of technology but alas, the good people at the insurance company deemed it never to be. So the nausea pills will remain a part of my daily routine. I did get a better, easier to digest pre-natal vitamin while there which is something to celebrate. It is the size of a horse tranquilizer but hooray none the less!

The middle part of the week went fairly well. I had been eating and I actually started to think the nausea would finally subsist. I began researching baby room themes and thinking about a mural that I intend to paint for the room. However Friday night proved to be one of my lowest points so far.

I got home from work feeling really tired so, I did probably not the best thing in the world and stopped and got McDonalds. (Yes yes I know its bad but I literally hadn’t had it in like 2 months). Anyways,  I ate and decided to lay down. Thats when the strongest nausea and stomach pain started. I had pain on my right side too.

I got on the computer for a while and tried to take my mind off of things but I couldn’t shake the feeling. So I resorted to laying down with a cold pack on my head until Dustin came home. Literally, he came home and I got up for the bathroom.

I got sick. Not the normal get sick but the kind that you cannot control in the least. It was horrible feeling. But what was worse was that I could see some blood and that really really freaked me out.

So I called my mom and dad, told them what had happened and asked what I should do. Initially we decided it best to go to the ER. But then my mom had a great idea. She said that most OB’s have an emergency number at which you can reach them. Sure enough one of the doctors at my clinic was on call and I was so relieved.

She said that because I had thrown up so hard I may have irritated my esophagus. To go ahead and relax and if it got worse, then go to the hospital.

So that is what I did. I relaxed and went to bed. Today I woke up with a terrible headache and my sinuses were on fire but I didn’t feel super nausea or anything so that was a plus. I took some Tylenol and I’m starting to feel human again. My stomach and side pain is gone too. I think this was a low point for me because it was just so scary of an experience. Here I thought things were finally evening out a little and then this happens. It is a true example of how fast things can change when you are pregnant.

To end on a lighter note, I wanted to share a funny moment with you. I have begun talking to my belly and telling it about things in general. However, sometimes I do this without thinking and in public. So, it came as a surprise to my fellow grocery shoppers the other weekend when I told my stomach that blueberries are very good and the best fruit ever. I’ve gotten weird looks in my day but I wish I could have framed that ladies face. I didn’t even get to explain to her why I was sharing this wisdom nugget with my stomach, she just blinked and walked away….

Until next time~