Another month or so has gone by since my last post and I feel it necessary to update folks on the progress of things. Lets just say that I can relate to at least the first three women above right now and somehow I’m sure I will also relate to the others! But I digress….. 

The baby is doing well, we are halfway through the 16th week. We got to hear the babies heart beat at our last appoinment which was really exciting. And so far everything seems good. We will find out on March 29th whether the baby is a boy or a girl. ( I cannot wait! I find the constant urge to nest is hard to ignore and I want to buy SOMETHING or ANYTHING for the baby. I hate to be unprepared). And we have baby names all lined up. However, do not be dissapointed if I do not share those names with you good people. It is nothing personal at all, we just want there to be at least one surprise since we are finding out the sex. 🙂

Baby shower plans are in discussion right now, I would really really like to do a big old fashioned BBQ with a unisex set of games that everyone can enjoy. I really like water balloon tosses and the game where you have to carry an egg on a spoon. Dustin and I also want to have a diapering competition to see if anyone can diaper a watermellon. You know, the usual kind of shower…. Additionally, I would like to do it at a park since so many of our friends have kids and most parks offer playground facilities. Then everyone can be happy and enjoy themselves. We want to call the event a “Baby-Q”. Let me know what you think of this idea because I have gotten two reactions so far. One from people who dislike everything about traditional showers and one from people who expect them. What is your thought?

Meanwhile, I am doing ok. I don’t want to say I am getting better because I feel like it would jinx me somehow. I have counted and I have now gone 7 days without throwing up. The last time I did it however was pretty epic and I am so proud of Dustin who didn’t get sick himself. He was driving and well, needless to say grocery bags aren’t just for carrying produce….

I believe that I am putting on weight again (at least my ass appears to be) and thats all good. For the first time in my life I am proud of my belly and I am not ashamed of it nor do I hide it anymore. Which is a really cool feeling. Also pregnancy clothes are freaking AWESOME. They are super comfy and stylish and good even for later on. Thanks to my mom and dad for helping me get my new wardrobe on for my birthday!

Last but not least, Dustin is doing really well. He is very excited to be a daddy and is always touching my tummy. He really wants to feel the baby move and I think he feels like he is using “the force” to try to make it move. (If you know my husband, you know his endless love for star wars). He has been really good about helping me and keeping me happy. Plus he is super cool about my cravings. For someone who goes to school and works full time, he is just awesome at making me and the baby a priority. I feel very lucky 🙂

So with that folks, I promise you will hear what the baby is when we find out but until then, do let me know what you think of my shower idea!