pregnancy cartoon

The journey into the second trimester began just a short time ago for us and let me tell you, it’s far more pleasant than the first. While nausea can still occur, I am eating again and (gulp) gaining weight (as my doctor is sweet enough to say, I should be). The best part is the baby is a boy! And we are very excited to meet him. We have selected the name Jack at this point but there is some debate amongst us about his middle name so that will have to wait until we actually see his little face I think.  All in all, things are good. However, I say this with some cautiousness because we have had our fair share of trying times.

In early April, just after we found out Jack would be a boy, I had some blood work come back that tested positive for a birth defect called Spina bifida. Later on, it would be discovered that this was basically a false positive. But the experience of having the doctor’s office call me, tell me there was something wrong with my baby and then leave me hanging for two days until they would tell me more about it, was unpleasant. The cost of the blood work to find out more was and is also upsetting. So not everything has been rosy. I have learned though that I have great support in my family and I have taken great strength from them during times like that. They listened to me when I cried about the “what if’s” and they are understanding when we both vent our stress. I am thankful that we have all of our family, both Dustin’s and mine, because we couldn’t ask for a better one. 🙂

So now that the baby and I are doing good, we are enjoying each other as a family more and more. Dustin gets to feel and sometimes see him move (we call them Jack Jack attacks, if you’ve seen the incredibles, you’ll get it) and we are buying small things to make his room ready. Although we are trying to resist that temptation, at least until the shower. I will say that the urge to nest is incredible, for both of us, and it is hard to not want to do things. We are going to be going to our child birthing classes starting next week, which should be very educational! (Considering neither of us have ever delivered a baby).  The classes are also going to go over infant care, safety, breastfeeding etc. Good times for sure.

Dustin has been very good about my mood swings (which I have to say, are not that bad, really…..) and he even answers my tough questions like “Do I really look pregnant?” with ease. He is very sweet and talks to the baby all of the time. He says goodbye and good morning to him every day and it makes me feel very happy inside and I think Jack knows his voice now too.

Baby shower dates and times are in discussion phases right now. It is a little hard to plan because we have a TON of weddings this summer in my family, hence many a shower already. But it will get figured out. We are having a Baby-Q for Dustin and  a regular shower too. It will be fun 🙂

Until next time!