Today turned out to be the busiest day we have had in the hospital. It started at about 5:00am with the nurse coming in to do a heartbeat monitor. From there, I began cramping and not feeling well. I described my symptoms to one of the high risk docs, who decided to let his attending know. This began a flurry of activity including an early morning ultrasound at my bed to check on the babies placenta and cord. They thought that the babies heartbeat was irregular and were concerned that he was wrapped around the cord somehow or that his cord was breaching my cervix. After the bedside ultrasound didn’t work too well, (due to the lack of fluid), I was sent to the actual ultrasound department for both an external and internal scan. At this point I got very good news. The baby is bigger than they thought, he is 1lb 9 ounces right now and they moved his due date up by 4 days (from Aug 31 to the 28th). This means that the baby is closer to the 24 week mark. This doesn’t necessarily mean we are out of the woods, but it is good that he is a bigger size. And his placenta and cord were just fine.

After the mornings tests and ultrasounds, I came back to my room to find my dad and Dustin waiting to see me. We got to visit for a while before my dad left to take care of things at home. Dustin spent the whole day with me, which was really really nice because I have missed him so much. And I think he misses me too. Also Charlene stopped by today, who has herself had a premie baby, to give us advice and words of encouragement. It was really great to hear from another mom who could talk about her experience with us so we knew some of what to expect. While I know we could ask our doctors some questions, I also understand that their time is limited and it really helps to hear from someone who actually learned and succeeded with their baby being early. So thank you very much to her, I know it really eased both of our minds.

Then Robbie and Amanda came by which was really great too. Robbie has a way of making me laugh that only he has ever really been able to do (since 5th grade no less). Amanda is also a very calming person to be with and is a very knowledgeable mom, and she has answered a lot of my questions about babies in general. So it was super cool to get to see the both of them. 🙂

After my visitors had left, Dustin helped me with getting a little “cleaned up” since I am unable to shower in the proper sense. Which was very refreshing to say the least. We also got to spend some time reflecting on the future more, and talk about our feelings. It is hard when he is working to really get to know what is going on with him, so I felt like today we got to touch base with each other. A little later on, the nurses were awesome enough to declare that I no longer need an IV. (AWESOME!) So my hands do not ache anymore. As long as I keep drinking like it is going out of style they said I won’t need one.

A little later, my mom and dad came back up and they got to witness mine and my nurse Susan’s awesome battle with Jack to keep him on the heartbeat monitor. He moves furiously when we try to do this and kicks at the sensor like crazy, so it’s a little like wrestling an alligator. But we got it finally and she took the “strip” (the sheet with all the little tick marks on it from his heart beat) to the baby doctors. They then very swiftly came in because they wanted to do an ultrasound too to check his movement. It turns out, the steroids they finished giving me today may cause the baby to have a little bit of weird heart rhythm. So they wanted to check to make sure he is moving ok and also to check the fluid levels. All in the all, this ultrasound looked good. However, the lead baby doctor was quick to point out that while it looks good now, if Jack came in the next few days, he would still likely not survive. It’s hard to be brought back down to earth when you are trying to be positive for your baby but I understand that he is looking to keep me level-headed in case things do go wrong.

The best part of this experience however was that my whole family got to see the ultrasound done and they got to ask the main doctor many questions. He did say that once the baby is here and we know his blood type that family members can donate blood to him. I’m not sure how this will work yet, but I will let you all know. And I encourage everyone anyway to give blood because even if you are not helping Jack, you could be helping someone elses baby who needs your blood just as much.

So now, it is 9:35pm and I am alone for the first time all day. I wanted to type all of this out so folks would know what is going on. Each day counts and I will try to stay in contact as best as I can. It is hard and if I don’t always answer my phone please don’t take offense. The docs and nurses are in here quite often doing things to me for the baby and I cannot always stop. Thank you though for caring enough to call and for everyone who has visited, we really appreciate it.


Emily, Jack and Dustin 🙂

Baby Jack: 23 weeks and 4 days, 1lb 9 ounces.