This is a poem I wrote for Jack that I plan to read during the memorial service at our walk. -EH

Little Boy
By: Emily Hughes
Written for Jack Everett Hughes
Little boy, you took our breath away
the day we found out about you;
Our hearts and minds were racing,
We couldn’t believe it was true.
The ultrasound confirmed it,
your little heart was beating;
And that was when we began,
To look forward to our meeting.
We did everything we could,
To make everything just right;
Your mommy even threw up
Throughout the day and the night!
But you had your own plans,
You decided to come early;
And when you got to the NICU,
You showed the nurses you were surly.
You fought so hard… for so long…
You truly showed us all;
What it means to be strong.
But when it came time,
When you could no longer fight,
We said our goodbyes,
One last good night.
While we miss you everyday,
And struggle to maintain,
We know that you are peaceful,
And free of any pain.
So please know that we love you,
Our precious little boy,
And keep us close to your heart,
Because you brought us so much joy.