A Different Kind of Parent
By: Emily Hughes

We are all different kinds of parents,
But we share much of the same.
We loved our children dearly,
From the very moment that they came.

While your baby might be with you,
Every day and every night.
My baby is with me,
In my heart I hold him tight.

As your eyes are feeling weary,
From very little sleep,
My tired eyes are blurry,
Because every night I weep.

When you hear your baby giggle,
Or you glance there sideways smile,
I am sitting quietly,
Remembering– for a while.

While you are building a family,
With your little one in tow,
We too are still a family,
We wanted you to know.

As you make memories together,
Christmas, Birthdays and more.
We are honoring our baby,
To help his spirit soar.

So you see, there are different kinds of parents.
Each loving, in their own way.
While your child grows to adulthood,
Our baby is here to stay.