“We can do no great things, only small things with great love”. 
~Mother Teresa

A few people have asked me  about how I thought of putting together Jack’s Day and really it was not a simple “ah ha!” moment. It came after doing memory boxes for a different project and after a painful realization.

I received a note via facebook about something called the Grief Effect and that they were doing a special day called the “August 19th Day of Hope and Remembrance”. Some of you may remember when I had changed my facebook image to the picture of the beach and it read “My son died. Today I remember Him” which that was a part of that day. Another part of that day was that they asked people to put together a memory box to donate  to a local hospital of your choice.

At that time, I was feeling really ineffective and down about everything. I wasn’t focused at work, I was really anxious about Jack’s due date and to top it all off, I had confirmed that Jack’s first birthday would indeed be Mother’s Day next year. I felt like life slapped me on an already open wound. As if to say, “You think his first birthday is gonna be hard? Well let’s just see how much you can take”.

So, when I read about the memory box idea, I latched on to it. I poured my aching heart into three boxes with the help of my mom, mother in law and Dustin’s Aunt Linda. But, by the time they were complete, I had missed the deadline. I thought well, I could just take them up to the hospitals  now and that would be it. But that bothered me. It felt like there had to be more that I could do.

During the drive  into work over the next week  I dwelled on what else I could do, what else I could take to the hospitals. I repeatedly thought about Jack’s birthday and how Dustin and I would navigate that day, especially since we were already finding his due date hard to tackle. When it clicked. His birthday could be happy, even if  for only a brief moment, as well as sad. We could donate the boxes then and not only three boxes, but many many more.

I ran the idea by Dustin, since I wanted him to be involved and he loved it. We both new how much getting Jack’s things from the hospital meant to us, and that by doing this, we would touch the lives of many people. We also wanted to help prevent situations where families don’t have what they need on hand to remember their baby, like not having a camera for instance. And so, the project was born.

Just a few short weeks have passed and we are already organizing our first event and looking into what it takes to become a formal charity. We have made wonderful connections to many others in the baby loss community and we have already received donations from friends and family. The project means so much to us and it has been very healing to see something so positive grow out of our grief. If you have not had the opportunity to do so, please visit our Jack’s Day website at: http://www.jacksday.webs.com/ or find us on facebook. I feel like Jack makes me grow in so many ways, and that this project is another branch of that growth.