The diagram on the left is that of a womans reproductive system. I thought for the sake of this blog entry, it would be a helpful reference point. I have decided to document this experience for other women out there who have been following my blog and who may one day have to have this done. It is slightly graphic, (not terribly) but fair warning if discussing lady parts makes you uncomfortable.

By recommendation of my high-risk doctor, I had a Sonohystogram done today to look at the condition of my uterus, ovaries and cervix. The procedure involves using an ultrasound wand, a catheter, a balloon and saline solution. In essence, they fill up your uterus with the solution, use the balloon to keep the solution in, and the ultrasound wand takes photos of the whole reproductive system.  My doctor’s office was kind enough to warn me ahead of time to take my favorite cramp relieving medicine in advance. I pass this advice along to you if you have to do this. While the cramping was not the worst I have ever had, it was not by any means fun.

The most uncomfortable aspect of the procedure really was the pressure they were putting on my uterus. Partly because my incision still hurts from the classical c-section. (I especially feel my incision when the weather changes, it actually swells and is quite painful). I held Dustin’s hand throughout the whole thing and I had him tell me stories about Jack to get me through the really difficult moments. All in all, it took about 40 minutes to get through everything.

The doctor explained to me that my high risk doctor wanted to make sure I did not have any polyps, cysts or fibroids intruding into my uterus which could lead to problems in pregnancy. He also wanted to look at the condition of my cervix.

From what he could see during the ultrasound process itself, everything appears to be normal. I say this with a grain of salt however, because I won’t have the “official” results for a few more days. So, as it stands, we should be ok to try again when the time comes (aside from that they want us to wait the whole 18 month period, etc. etc.).

I don’t know if I am a wimp or anything but to me, I would not want to go through this procedure again. Mainly because you are so nervous the whole time that they are going to find something terribly wrong. But in the end, I am glad we did it, because now I don’t have to worry “what if”. For the next couple of days, I may continue to have some light cramping and bleeding, but at least I have some peace of mind.

I hope this entry helps other women deciding on whether or not to go through with this themselves.


(Side note: During the most unpleasant moments I also kept chanting in my head :::this is for our future babies:::: that seemed to help.)