Today, I sat down and wrote a poem about friendship that I would like to dedicate to all of our friends but most sincerely to Amanda and Robbie Cox. They have each in their own way, been extraordinary and have gone above and beyond the call of friendship for us. We love you guys.

-Emily & Dustin


On Friendship
By: Emily Hughes

The true test of a friendship,
Comes not when times are good.
The true test of a friendship comes,
When we need to be understood.

When our life is upheaval,
And we are shaken to our core.
A true friend can reach out to us,
And offer something more.

A true friend offers comfort,
A safe place to voice our woes.
And they can listen without judgement.
Because heaven only knows.

A true friend offers simply,
No complexities, no  strings.
They do not offer empty promises,
And expect in return no things.

A true friend loves us wholly,
Every piece, Every part.
And when you are in need of it,
They will help you mend your broken heart.

I am lucky to have true friends.
Who have been there, through it all.
Who have held me up in my weakest times,
Who didn’t let me fall.