In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, Friday October 15th, I offer this poem with love and respect for all babies gone too soon. 

A Moment
By: Emily Hughes

Take a moment,
To Remember,
All babies gone too soon.

Take a moment,
To consider,
That this could happen to you.

Take a moment,
To respect,
Those who have lost their heart.

Take a moment,
To understand,
How their world fell apart.

Take a moment,
To speak,
On behalf of a parent in grief.

Take a moment,
To listen,
About our babies lives, too brief.

Take a moment,
To light a candle,
And spare our babies a thought.

Take a moment,
To be inspired,
By how hard our babies fought.

Take a day,
To honor,
Those lives lost in unfairness.

Take a Day,
To Acknowledge,
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness.