In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.

-Flora Edwards



Today was a very good day. I gathered with an incredible group of women and we poured our hearts and souls into creating 18 beautiful memory boxes. There was gluing, cutting, cleaning and assembling going on, but also sharing, as we worked towards a common goal. It was amazing to see an idea, a simple, silly little idea, come to life.

Now that the boxes are assembled, we can begin the process of contacting hospitals for delivery. I point this out because originally, my idea was that we would wait and donate all of the boxes on Jack’s birthday next year. I have since come to change my mind on this decision. Firstly, because I cannot bear the thought of families needing these boxes right now, and them not having them. Secondly, my house is  little  and I was being overwhelmed by the amount of storage space the boxes required. So the first 20 boxes will be delivered to four different hospitals this week. The hospitals that will be getting boxes are:

  • Oakwood Main Hospital- Dearborn
  • Oakwood Southshore Hospital- Trenton
  • Hutzel Womens Hospital-Detroit
  • Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital- Wyandotte

If you know of any hospitals that you think might benefit from receiving our boxes in the future. Please let me know. I am always looking for new places to contact.

Each box contains items that are meant to bring comfort to the grieving family. Items such as: A teddy bear, hat and booties, blanket, picture frame/album, a journal, a disposable camera, a candle and holder, as well as an glass angel ornament. Again if you are a bereaved parent, and you can think of some items that you would have liked to have gotten please let me know your suggestions. I am also including our support groups card as a resource, but if anyone had a particular resource that they liked again let me know. (If you can’ t tell, I’m looking for feedback).

Each item is unique, making each box unique just like every baby is different. That’s the cool thing about Jack’s Day. I know that no one will get the same box and that makes me happy. We try to have boxes available for boys, girls and for when the sex of the baby is unknown.

Well, in conclusion I would just like to again thank all of the wonderful women who helped me today with the project. And I wanted to thank everyone as a whole who have donated to Jack’s Day. I will be posting photos of the deliveries made this week hopefully next weekend. So stay tuned to our Jack’s Day facebook and website for those.

Peace to All,

P.S. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please check out Jack’s Day in the pages on this site, or visit our website at . ❤