“Something that has always puzzled me all my life is why, when I am in special need of help, the good deed is usually done by somebody
on whom I have no claim”. 
~William Feather

“There is no greater loan than a
sympathetic ear”. 
~Frank Tyger


Throughout these past several months, I feel as though Jack has ushered into our lives a time of great transition. A difficult, sad and desperate time, where our lives faced a significant change. One change has been in our disposition towards generosity and kindness. Where before, we could always find a reason not to donate or not to do something for someone, now we find reasons to give, reasons to share, and opportunities to tell Jack’s story.

This is evident in our project Jack’s Day, and in our actions of donating to charities on a more regular basis like the March of Dimes, Michigan Humane Society, the Southeast Michigan Land Conservancy, the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk and the Breast Cancer Walk. I am not listing these as a “good job” pat on the back attempt, but rather to show how much good can come from a tragic loss. Every month we have donated to a different charity in honor of Jack, to keep his memory alive.

I have seen other Baby Loss Parents doing wonderful things as well, from organizing walks and support groups, to simply donating items to our project whenever they can. I think that loss can be somewhat inspiring in the generosity and kindness it leaves behind in people. Obviously, I am not speaking for everyone, because we all handle grief differently. But I feel very honored to know these baby lost women, who are making such an impact because of their loss.

And so, the take home message today from this post is this. Pass Kindness On. Do it in memory of someone you love, or in honor of someone you lost. Do it because you’re bored and you have nothing else to do. Whatever the reason, pass it on. Because I guarantee you, you reap what you sow, kindness spreads.

If this means making a donation, awesome. If it means simply holding the door for someone on the way out of a building, that’s great too. The simplest act, could make a tremendous impact on someone’s day.


P.S. If you do anything in honor of Jack, please let me know. I am doing a project called “Random Acts of Jack” where I keep photos and records of everything done in his name. Thanks 🙂