I haven’t written a whole lot about Tater-tot lately and I thought folks might like a little update about how things are going. First of all, we all survived Christmas and we’re feeling much better emotionally so that is always good.

Daily I continue to do my Innohep injections (the name of the blood thinner makes me think of some ancient egyptian priest) and I also take my Folgard and regular pre-natal vitamins. My hair and nails are growing spectacularly but my stomach continues to look a bit frightening from the shots making me bruise. They are easy to do now, but it still smarts a bit when I first insert the needle. The funny thing is when Dustin does one for me in my backside when my stomach is too bruised for any more shots. He has to almost get into a zen like state to give me a shot. You know you’re happily married when your husband (who hates blood and medical stuff in general) will do that for you.

My cravings this pregnancy have been really random, from carrots and cucumbers (combined) to beets or beef, there seems to be no limit. If you suggest it, I will probably start to crave it. I even really want to drink beer. (Of course I haven’t). I also get a weird taste in my mouth that I have read is a result of the hormone estrogen being in high production and chocolate is really the only thing that makes the taste go away. So a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

The nausea has been hit or miss with Tater-tot. Today I smelled my cats “Captains Feast” food and lost my cookies. But that is the first time in a little while. I do get the feeling of wanting to vomit pretty frequently, but it doesn’t happen nearly like it did with Jack. Jack hated all foods I believe and he made sure I knew it. Tater-tot (maybe because of their name?) loves food and reminds me to be hungry just about every two hours.

We have our next regular OB apt. on Friday. We will be 10 weeks and will  hopefully get to hear the heartbeat! Along with an ultrasound! So I am crossing all my fingers and toes that it goes well. Then next week we have a High-Risk apt with Dr. Mason and he is gonna do his own ultrasound. So double baby views! I am hoping we get a good print out to show everyone.

Well, that’s all from Tater-tot land. Will hopefully post an update after Friday. Until then, thanks for reading as always.