The chronicles of Tater-tot continue with a follow-up visit to our regular OB. Dr. Mason said that from now on, my regular OB can call the shots on who does what, which my regular doc seems fine with and he has decided to follow all of my high-risk docs recommendations so it’s all good! The only thing the high risk doc has to do for us now (barring any issues that require high risk ultrasound) is our 17dp progesterone injections. The regular doc will remove my cerclage and will do my big 18 week anatomy scan along with delivering tot to the world.

So at this appointment we basically went over all of that and also discussed bed rest, which of course the regular doc LOVES the idea of. (So much for hoping for a difference of opinion lol). Anyways, he said that we can start the progesterone as soon as we can get in to the high risk docs office. (Given the snowmeggedon we are expecting, who knows when that will be!). And at our next appointment following our anatomy scan (where we find out the sex) we will give our blood sample which will look for things like Downs Syndrome and Spinda Bifida. We got to hear Tater’s heart beat which was in the 150’s and very strong.

So the goal for February is two fold 1.) continue avoiding preterm labor and 2.) not falling or straining my cerclage in any way. Let’s hope we can make it to 18 weeks 🙂

In Jack’s world this week we heard from our tax lady that we can claim him on our 2010 taxes. I’m both happy and sad about this. Happy because it means he will be acknowledged as our child, and sad because I hate looking at his death certificate. There is nothing worse than holding that piece of paper and reading it over and over again. It took a long time to get the courage to send away for it, and it was very hard to put it with his birth certificate. I wish this particular experience on no one. No one should ever have this piece of paper.

What made this news easier to bear was that our Aunt Angie on Dustin’s side, made us a really beautiful photo book from Shutterfly. The book is all for Jack and it has some really great pictures of his name in different places. They wrote his name really big in the sand and they even have a Mickey Mouse photo with his name on a hat in Disney World. I cannot express how much this gift meant to us, and even though we cried, it was really nice to cry for Jack again. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes, it’s just nice to acknowledge him with other people in your family. To have him be remembered like that, is the greatest gift of all. I wish we lived closer to our family in West Virginia, they are simply some of the best people I have ever known and we love them very much.

Well, that’s all for today’s update. Let’s hope for an uneventful Tater-tot month!