This past week has been, well, to say the least-eventful. It started with my having contractions on Monday and Tuesday. I didn’t realize what they were and so I made an appointment with my OB Dr. Finazzo for Wednesday. When I went in, he determined I have an infection possibly in my uterus. He did a swab to check me for a myriad of bacteria and he also prescribed and anti-biotic cream to use until they could determine what the infection is. Well today is Saturday, and I still have had no word from the doctor or the lab about my test results. I am hoping that it is something simple, and that the cream took care of it. But when we lost Jack, the doctor said that some women carry a naturally occurring bacteria that can eat through placental walls during pregnancy, which leads to premature rupture of membranes. I’m hoping they don’t come back and tell me it’s that, because it would just add one more layer to the pregnancy onion that is me right now. I would have to be on antibiotics for the remainder of my pregnancy. So up to this point, my contractions have stopped and I’m trying to take it easy so they don’t start back up again. However, our new housing issue, does not make that an easy task either.

Some of you know this already, but my husband and I live in a small apartment complex which basically has single floor units with private entries etc. Kinda like a little house attached to a bunch of other little houses. Well, about two and half weeks ago now we noticed a leak in what would be our babies bedroom. I of course called the emergency maintenance line and told them what was going on. The guy on call said someone would be by the next day to have a look. A day or so later, the other maintenance guy came by and looked at the leak. He basically said he had no idea what to do and said they would get back to us.

Well then, of course, snowmaggedon strikes and we get like 9 inches of snow, and to boot, this maintenance guy either quit or got fired. So now the entire 220 unit complex only has 1 maintenance guy. He had to deal with clearing all of the pathways and stuff ALONE. Meanwhile, here we sat with our leaky roof.

After a number of days, and no one coming back to check on us, we began making phone calls just trying to get them to send the remaining maintenance guy back so he could tell us what they would do to fix our roof. When that got no where, Dustin decided to climb into our attic to investigate on his own. He has had many classes in home building and design (he could be an inspector if he wanted to) so for him, he knows what he is looking at. And what does he find? MOLD. MOLD! MOLD! MOLD!

So now we have an entirely new problem. Not only do we have a leaking roof which is now saturating what will be our babies room in two different locations by this point, but we have dark-colored mold growing all over our attic walls above us. So we call the office and demand that the maintenance people come look at what he has found. What does the maintenance guy say? ” Did you know that mushrooms are mold too? And we eat those! Mold isn’t bad as long as it’s wet, hahaha”. WHAT THE HELL!?! When did mold become OK in your house? Seriously?

At that point I called the city and emailed a local news team because I was running our of ideas on how to get the apartment complex to fix the situation. The maintenance guy brought over a bleach “solution” and he sprayed the mold and then took photos of the leaky roof to show the complex owner.

On Thursday of this week I got a call from the complex owner. He said this “Basically, you have two options, because I can’t take off the roof to the building in the winter. One, you can move to another two bedroom unit or two, you can just leave” and then he said “and I’ll need to know by the end of the day what you decide to do”. GREAT. Just what we need at this particular time. Not only am I due to go on bedrest on March 12th, but I can’t lift ANYTHING. I’m not even supposed to be on my feet for long periods of time.

So after going out for a much deserved dinner, we talked over our options. We decided that we would take this cosmic sign from above and just leave. (After of course demanding the apartment owner pay for our move). Now we are on the desperate search for a rental house within our tight price range that we can move in to by the end of this month. If I come off as being stressed out all, I’m sorry, but this is going to be a move of epic proportions. If you know me at all, you know I can’t hold still, let alone not help with my own move.

In conclusion let me just say that if you cannot reach me over the period of the next two weeks, please don’t take it personally. I am just really, really, pressed for time. I think after today in fact, it will probably be a non stop ride to the finish! If you know of anyone with a rental house available who is looking for tenants asap, please let us know. And thank you all so much for your love and support through our crazy, crazy pregnancy.