“Sometimes the most urgent thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest
Ashleigh Brilliant

About two weeks ago now,  I started bedrest and working from home. I however am only going to count one of the weeks as “bed rest” because we moved in the middle of all of this and it was not restful. Although I didn’t do a whole lot physically, it wasn’t all laying on the couch watching Day’s of Our Lives either. This week things really began to sink in that really, I am not going anywhere anytime soon.

There are parts of bedrest that I am very thankful for, especially those times in the mid afternoon when anyone who is pregnant can tell you, all you want is a quick nap! Something about 3pm always brings on a nap. I also get to see my hubby way more than I ever did before because we often worked opposite schedules with him being in retail. So that has been really nice. The flexibility to make my doctor’s appointments for whenever I feel like is also a huge perk.

The downside, obviously, is that you can’t really do a whole lot. I am lucky enough to be able to keep up with work by using my mom’s laptop. And I am going to be doing some volunteer work with the March of Dimes so those things keep me mentally stimulated but physically, well…..

You ache. You ache in ways you didn’t think you would ever ache. And the simplest things are already starting to become laborious (oh yes, that’s a word!). My couch is slowly enveloping my buttocks and you can now see where I plainly sit everyday with my feet outstretched. And it’s only been two weeks. We have to make it to June, the end of June preferably.

Whatever the complaints I have are, in reality, I know they are minor and temporary because in the end if Owen (yes he’s a boy!) arrives safely then it will all be worth it. He is my main priority now and getting him here as “cooked” as I can is my mission. Besides, once he’s out, I know I’ll be dreaming of when I could take 3pm naps!