We are now entering our 4th week of bedrest. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been an entire month already. Moving in the beginning helped the time to go by but now, things are starting to slow down. It’s amazing how hard it is to work from home. Some days, I feel like I can really get into a good groove. But then other days, I get so tired out from being on the computer for that long, it’s draining. You wouldn’t think it would make you that tired, hell before this I would have loved to be able to work in my jammies! In the end though, you start to miss the atmosphere and the people you see every day. Really, work is like your second home. Especially when you work the sometimes odd hours that we do. I’m thankful that I can still do something to bring home some money for our family too. At least I can alleviate some pressure off of Dustin’s shoulders. Speaking of Dustin, a topic I can’t seem to find very much on is support for Dad’s whose significant other is on bedrest. Similarly to after we lost Jack, there really seems to be a lack of support for men. If I wasn’t already committed to so much outside of work, I would totally take that on because it isn’t right.

I mean really when you think about it, if I were to be on full bedrest and couldn’t get up at all, Dustin would be my nurse, spouse and baby daddy, not to mention cook and maid. How overwhelming that must be! Thankfully we are not to that point yet, and we are fortunate enough to have a lot of family and friends but not everyone has that kind of network. So if anyone reading this is looking for a project, start a facebook group supporting Dad’s who have wives or significant others on bedrest. 🙂

In other news, my procardia seems to have stopped my contractions. I am having (this is graphic turn away now if you don’t like graphic) a lot of discharge which they say is normal due to the cerclage. It’s uncomfortable though and unnerving when I’m constantly on alert for my water breaking early. Ever feel like a walking time bomb? I do most days. I also have a lot of pain where my c-section scar on the inside and outside is stretching and breaking a part. Once the tissue breaks apart, it feels better but while its breaking, boy oh boy does it hurt! No pain no gain I guess right?

At my last doctors appointment, I begged my OB Dr. Finazzo to see me when I hit 24 weeks and to do an ultrasound to check the babies fluid and my cervix. He whole heartedly agreed and told me to call him for anything at all throughout these next few weeks. I get the impression he is as nervous as we are. He said he really wants to get us to 28 weeks and then to 32, for him those are his big goals for us. Our high risk OB was a little more optimistic and he wants us to make it to 35. I am voting for 28 weeks because the baby is considered viable at that point (at 24 weeks you reach viability but it’s very touch and go if you deliver that soon). We lost Jack at 23 weeks and 5 days, and to be honest, to get to that point again would be great too even though it is really scary. Our 24 week ultrasound is April 7th. I told the lady at the desk (Roxy) at the OB, “I sure hope I make it to this appointment” and she said “Honey, I do too”.

Well here’s to hoping we can keep this baby cooking.