Dear Jack,

Well, another holiday is here already. It’s hard to believe that Easter is this Sunday, and pretty soon, it will be time for your 1st birthday. Really, it’s been a year of firsts for your daddy and me. What should have been our first with you, have turned out to be our firsts without you. And with each day that comes, it hurts. You probably see it in us, from your little place on top of the entertainment center. It is so comforting to have you there. To have you watching over us and just knowing you are here as a part of our family. At times I wonder if we made the right choice, but I think we did. And one day, you will be with us forever.

Easter has never been a really big holiday for either Daddy or I, so I’m sorry we don’t have more decorations for you to enjoy. My favorite part of easter is dying and hiding easter eggs which Grandma Johnson (my mommy) has always done with me. She made a really cool easter egg tree one year that I remember too. She also cooks a nice meal that day and when we were young we always had easter baskets hidden away for us. I know your Granny Hughes did the same for your daddy too. It makes me sad that we aren’t doing these things with you this year. I think we would have had the best time together. (Oh and we would have gone to the marshmellow drop too, even though you would be too little to catch them. I don’t care it’s still fun to go!). I think that, we will always make you a special easter egg and that your little brother will help me decorate your place for the holidays. It will be our family tradition, because you are forever a part of our family.

A funny memory came back to me today, when I was sitting about the house. I remembered when I was pregnant with you and you decided to kick me while I was sitting at my desk at work. And my belly hit the edge of the desk. You caught me by surprise and I think you continue to surprise me. I wanted you to know too, that since we started donating memory boxes in your name, we reached out to 61 families. Even some as far away as Australia! Isn’t that awesome? I thought you would like that.

Well, I’m sure you will be watching over us this weekend as we miss you even more and I know that you are going to be with us as we make it to your birthday on Mother’s Day. I love you and daddy loves you and I know that Owen loves you too. We miss you and wish you were here. Talk to you soon baby, Happy First Easter.