Dear Friends,

I’d like to introduce to our new look for Searching for Jack. It is in honor of Jack’s first birthday which is coming up in
just a few short weeks. I thought a “fresh” coat of paint was needed here. I’d like to thank you all for continuing to read my blog and for following me throughout this first year of grief. As you may recall, I had written previously about a new blog I would be starting in order to separate my rainbow pregnancy from my experience with Jack. I am very happy to say that the new blog is up and officially running thanks to Franchesca Cox at Smallbird Studios. “The Depth of a Rainbow” is my blog dedicated to Owen and to what it is like to carry a baby after going through a loss. I hope that those of you who are looking to conceive or have already will follow me there.  As for our blog here, I am going to keep this place special, just for Jack.

I hope that you like the new layout here and that you enjoy the new blog as well. Again thank you, for everything.