“A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it’s you and me together forever
and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart.”
– Unknown

Yesterday, when I was driving home from the OB’s office for an appointment for Owen, I noticed something interesting happening in the sky above me. There was a large Hawk, I’m guessing a Red Shouldered (based on its shape), flying erratically. I was caught off guard by the way it was flying until I realized why and what it was carrying in its talons. The Hawk was trying to avoid the desperate attack of two smaller birds as it attempted to carry away one of their babies.

By then I had pulled over to the side of the road and I watched the scene unfold. The two parent birds each took the time to dive at the Hawk, one-then the other-desparately trying to get the Hawk to let go. The Hawk did its best to avoid the angry parents and eventually he landed on a nearby utility pole. At this point, the parents launched an even more vigorous assault and the Hawk decided to go again. With one graceful swoop it spread its large wings and took flight soaring quickly away from the two, now exhausted, small parent birds. I saw them land on the power lines together, as if catching their breath and resigning to the fact that they simply could not stop the Hawk.

After our loss, I have found an affinity for flying creatures like birds, but also butterflies, dragonflies and even angels. So watching this whole thing happen felt almost like I was watching a part of me flying through the sky. I watched as a mom and dad fought death and tried to save their baby. And I realized that I have more in common with those two little birds than I do with most people I know. It was humbling to watch their struggle and to know that grief transcends species. We all love our children and all of us, regardless of our species, would fight for them. I feel like we did just what those two little birds did, we tried to stop the Hawk. And all we could do was sit on the power lines, helpless, as Jack was carried away from us.