Just two short days after my last post, we delivered Jack’s little brother Owen at 34 weeks gestation. While it was a scary experience again, it was not the same as it was when Jack was in the NICU. This time the tone was positive and encouraging, because Owen was so much further along and a great deal larger (6lbs) than his brother. The staff knew that we would get to take Owen home one day and they were right, we did take him home two weeks after he was born. We love having him home with us and in many ways, I think Jack is happy he is here too. Just the other day we had a random sunflower appear in our backyard that no one planted and I like to think it is Jack’s way of smiling at us, welcoming his brother home.

I don’t know if we will go on to have any more children or not. I only ever really wanted two and I feel very honored to have gotten two of the greatest boys ever. And in many ways, pregnancy has been so physically difficult for me, I’m not sure if my body could do it again. But only time will tell I suppose. Right now we are focused on being the best parents we can be to both our angel baby and now, our earth baby. I do plan to continue blogging, but I can’t say how regular I will be about it. I’m going back to work soon and with Owen, free time is limited. But I’m sure I will find my way back here every now and again. I have a lot of poems still in my head that are beckoning to come out too. Until then, thank you for reading and supporting me as we have walked this path called grief.