A poem for you baby boy in honor of what would have been your due date, August 31st, 2010. We love you always.



You Were With Me
By: Emily Hughes

When I sat in the hospital,
And the doctor gave me the news,
That your heart had stopped beating,
That was when I knew,
You were with me.

When I cried myself to sleep,
And my milk came in,
And there was no one to feed,
And my heart was wearing thin,
You were with me.

When I had empty arms,
That didn’t hold a child,
An empty crib in the room,
My anger went wild.
You were with me.

As the holidays past,
And the special moments came,
And we didn’t have our baby,
And it just wasn’t the same,
You were with me.

As I sit now with your brother,
And I sing to him your song,
I know you’re both my sunshines,
And I know that all along,
You are with me.