Saturday is the March for Babies for our part of Michigan and I’m so excited and proud to be able to fully participate this year. After Jack died, I remember finding out about this walk and being so sad it had already happened right before Jack passed. I vowed that I would take part in this event in his memory. Then fast forwarding to 2011, we found ourselves on bedrest due to our high risk and complicated pregnancy with our rainbow baby Owen. From my couch I helped with March of Dimes fundraising by sending emails and telling our story. But, I did not get to walk. Finally, this year we have been so fortunate to be able to raise just over $300 from our friends, family and co-workers in support of this great organization and in support our both of our premature boys. I don’t know if people who have never been through having a child in the NICU, or with a heart defect or other illness can totally understand how helpful the March of Dimes can be. They provide valuable tools and resources along with funding important research to help babies to be born healthy. That may sound cliche or like a commercial but I have seen it. When Jack died we got a bereavement kit that had better information than what we got from the hospital. For Owen, we got a special “Preemie Baby Book” so we could record his milestones that weren’t in his regular baby book (like the date his feeding tube was removed and the day he could finally breathe on his own). I’ve also had many friends whose lives have been impacted by the work of the March of Dimes.

I hope that where ever you are, you can try to take part in this event or help support someone else who is. I feel like there aren’t enough groups out there to speak for babies, so we need to put everything we have behind the few that do.

So tomorrow we will be walking for Jack and Owen and all of the other babies born too soon, who may or may not have graduated from the NICU. For the babies who live each day with struggle and manage to overcome the biggest obstacles. And for the parents who have had to go through seeing their child or children strapped to a gazillion machines.

March on friends…March on.