As a way of honoring Jack, his mom Emily and dad Dustin have decided to try to give back to the baby lost community.

“Jack’s Day” is in honor of Jack’s first birthday, which will fall on Mother’s Day 2011. Our goal is to donate as many memory boxes as we can that day, to remember our little boy and to hopefully help other families going through a loss. We are looking for donations of items like:

-Teddy Bears
-Small Baby Blankets
-Small Candles and Holders (To burn in memory of a baby)
-Disposable Cameras
-Angel Ornaments or other comforting tokens.
-Boxes themselves (either plain or decorated)
-Picture frames ( 4 x 6 )

All of these items will be included in each and every box donated. Please check back with us to see how many boxes we complete. We are still in the process of contacting hospitals to receive donations. If you have a hospital suggestion please feel free to let us know. Every family that donates will be included on a list inside of each box indicating who your donation is in memory of.

To donate please email Emily at:
You can follow the project on facebook by click here:
The Giving Project
Visit Jack’s Day on the web at our official website:
Jack’s Day: The Giving Project